Next Venture Technologies (NVT) is a leading insurtech company that is part of PH Innovate Group, privately owned by Stephen Peck and David Harlow. The company targets niche insurance products through both B2B and B2C channels, including underwriting, broking, and technology.

The NVT system specialises in hosting and building insurance trading software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms that supports the full-cycle insurance supply chain. Customers can select the services they require, and NVT will integrate with legacy systems as necessary to optimise distribution opportunities and minimise costs.

NVT’s platform is a low-cost but fully functional equivalent to existing systems in the market, with a focus on self-service configuration of both functionality and branding allowing easy differentiation. One of the most unique features of the NVT platform is the real-time insight it provides across the market, including pricing, loss ratio performance, and conversion rates.

Looking forward, Next Venture is planning to provide data tools leveraging the marketplace concept. This initiative aims to further enhance NVT’s platform by providing data analytics tools to its customers, allowing them to gain insights into their business operations and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, NVT is planning a new market launch, expanding its reach to new customers and markets. With these new initiatives, Next Venture is poised for continued growth in the insurtech industry.


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